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1. 20. 2010

1. 20. 2010 - their way political Ex “adequate”...

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MCB31 Christine Lee 1.20.2010 How do we find reliable info? constant hassle. live with uncertainty. - We’ll be doing this the whole course. - Fairly reliable resource NY times Tuesday Science section. What is science? - study of natural world. - Highly quantitative making measurements. - Behavioral? What scientists do? not very satisfying definition. - - Kansas Board of Education’s Def of science. o Vague enough, broad and simple definition at first. o Then the second one, more detailed definition came out. Controversial. Worded so that the definition can be parsed in
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Unformatted text preview: their way. political! Ex) “adequate” explanation? -Why do we bother to know this? o To some, very crucial question. What should be taught in high school bio class about evolution/ origin of life? o No right or wrong. Having a rigid def. is very difficult. o Explanations don’t come from authority, not anymore. Values & morality in Science. -Not based on moral principles. -Not ethical -Overbye “science teaches facts, not values” -Theory in biology is like a model of something, very well-accepted basic, fundamental ideas o Rather than the unproven idea....
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