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Lecture 23 part 1

Lecture 23 part 1 - Lem/l H’ L3 mam MM“ dig ammvdh"...

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Unformatted text preview: Lem/l H’ L3 mam MM“! dig ammvdh"; durmmfl‘ 'WH’rWn dne+ iJ Mnh(a\+m4 '{Ovminj has (hanavd ngzom food ”(’0 (omwdmu pwJ-‘MU -lorr\ ’ro (0TH? +6 havmwrfier; qmw‘ Mm; (MI/dnmfb+d\!lj (Ming '(Unv0r5.ov\ of oVerayvmdam (arm 1—; pvuflmd food Ls MM far Manta NM \nv‘mg thA—k \LJnd 0f good do \ mud" ‘1 Wa‘f] hdd’mj— (an LUdK (8 (menu/{mm —\ndvxl mwn 5mm \gdn p((d cLlwde cm grhdvr/ +W-8Vfl’bflf-(lagg L9 9%" frwoyia‘ I801) (aIOI'N “’4’? U$'-23fl<| (Menu/Mtg 'N! med C,NI FAG H10 + Vnamm1+ ammo a(,df 'lMYWr 13w (cu apes/mu (M 1:21: pod mm mm! (mud cm ewe“ 4L4 m5 IMP-H3 (444.7 ‘waqw depends on if \‘1-5 (heap ”film (01h U \nM {or (ahng .fiawm m aganvwm mud ——era NM MH \+ W433 Mm ‘1‘”"1‘0 (L2; 4ww'1ho 31w h! laud w Lemme .uov «Mk-minm’wmw; vmm § (1M0 'fitv’mnxv) —) aaq NJ) 3 \L to m 50H Wow 14: vow“) Mil mmxtu (L019 QM (Abom- Wlommur) —)haw {30 m of (hemmm f!wh'\|'l€r.c «1H3; M 4mm (hummus gm Into cam—)mwapwqtian '(mwvhuMwn :1“ meh ru/MYJnt! m uaur a} too mun warm —)\mu MMM M‘f ‘(oyr (OYWYM ...
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