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MCB 31 127 - A-T-G-C B A Adenine T Thymine G Guanine C...

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1/27/2010 MCB 31 Lecture notes Christine Lee Transformation Problem review (posted on bSpace) Answers: 1. There would be lawn of PenR A. Transformation is very rare B. DNA transforms bacteria but not vice versa 2. There will be colonies but not a lawn; just a small number Using penicillin because it is selective agent DNA: Deoxyribonucleic acid 1. Chemists discovered that there are four nucleotides, monomers, in DNA 2. Pattern: should memorize A. String of sugars and phosphate connects
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Unformatted text preview: A-T-G-C B. A : Adenine T : Thymine G : Guanine C : Cytosine C. Sugar phosphate backbones D. Forms double helix structure – hydrogen bonds E. They are complementary- paired bases 3. 5 sided sugar molecule People to know/ not memorize Jim Watson Crick Wilkins Franklin Paulings Chargaff Next week: first quiz! Sample quiz from previous years would be posted on bSpace Lecture slides containing pictures and diagrams are online...
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