Lecture 18 Body Weight _1_

Lecture 18 Body Weight _1_ - Lecture 18: Body Weight 4/7/10...

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Lecture 18: Body Weight 4/7/10 Major requirements for energy: 1) BMR 2) Physical Activity 3) Metabolism --Thermal Effective Health Weight Means Reduced Risk of Disease Adult BMI vs. disease risk. As our BMI goes up, our disease risk goes up, but if our BMI is too low, that is unhealthy as well below 1st line is unhealthy weight, healthy zone, unhealthy if too high How is Healthy Weight Measured? Weight / height = BMI simple, inexpensive and non invasive in adults: BMI < 18.5 = underweight 18.5-25 = normal weight 25-30 = overweight > 30 = obese Does not measure body composition of fat or muscles Defining Healthy Weight in Children Body mass index for age percentiles: boys 2-20 years In children, standards are not in “absolute” BMI units since body composition naturally changes as children mature body composition naturally differs for different genders, with differences accentuated at puberty. Weight Status Categories in Children underweight: < 5th percentile healthy weight: 5-85th overweight 85-95 obese 95th percentile Prevalence of High BMI in boys & girls aged 2-5 years Risks Associated with Being Underweight psychosocial concerns failure to thrive as a child anorexia or bulemia if adolescent depression, anxiety, family dysfunction undiagnosed primary disease
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Obesity as a Risk Factor Implicated in: (risks can occur in children as well)
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Lecture 18 Body Weight _1_ - Lecture 18: Body Weight 4/7/10...

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