Lecture 20 Sports Nutrition

Lecture 20 Sports Nutrition - Lecture 20: Sports Nutrition...

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Lecture 20: Sports Nutrition 4/14/10 Definitions Physical Activity: any muscle movement that increases energy expenditure Leisure time physical activity: any activity unrelated to person's occupation recreational:—hiking, walking, biking competitive sports exercise—purposeful, planned, structured physical activity More Definitions physical fitness: ability to carry out daily tasks with alertness & vigor, without undue fatigue, and with enough energy reserve to meet emergencies or to enjoy leisure time Physical fitness includes: cardiorespiratory fitness musculoskeletal fitness flexibility Benefits of Regular Physical Activity reduces risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure enhances insulin action strengthens bone maintains lean muscle tissue (increases BMR, burns more calories) improves sleep pattern improves immune function Metabolic Effects of Aerobic Exercise (uses a lot of oxygen) improved insulin-mediated glucose use reduced blood triglyceride levels higher HDL levels lower resting heart rate (pulse) higher ratio lean body: fat mass reduced visceral fat mass But Most Adults get No Physical Exercise, not too Little 54% insufficient 15% no physical activity Sound Fitness Program meets personal goals it's fun appropriately overloads body includes warm-up & cool-down
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Overloads body, but not excessively Hypertrophy Prevent injury
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Lecture 20 Sports Nutrition - Lecture 20: Sports Nutrition...

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