Lecture 22 Malnutrition

Lecture 22 Malnutrition - Lecture 22 Malnutrition Good...

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Lecture 22: Malnutrition 4/21/10 Good nutrition should be a goal worldwide Malnutrition malnutrition = state of poor nutritional health that can be improved by adjustments in nutrient intake underlies high infant mortality rates, poor childhood growth, & diminished work capacity in adults worldwide types of malnutrition: undernutrition nutrient deficiency overnutrition Undernutrition Lack of adequate energy to support optimal growth in children or to maintain a healthy, active body in adults Prevalence: 800 million -1.1 billion people greatest in sub-saharan Africa, SE Asia Central America—20% of population Results of Undernutrition undernutrition results = wasting , a condition of very low body weight for height or extreme thinness marasmus people who have too little food to eat poor appetite (cancer or AIDS patients) anorexia nervosa Indicators of Undernutrition 1. Wasting —children below 5 th percentile weight-for-height or below 5 th percentile BMI for age are considered underweight/wasted 2. Stunting —height below 5 th percentile for age indicates inadequate calories for normal linear growth 3. Nutrient Deficiency One or MORE essential nutrients is inadequate in diet prolonged undernutrition—prompts 1 or more deficiencies Correction of Nutrient Deficiency 1. ensure variety of foods available to all people 2. fortify with low-abundance nutrients to prevent deficiency disease fortify = + nutrients not normally consumed with that food
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enrich = replace nutrients removed with processing Avoiding nutrient Toxicities Toxicity: assoc. with excess consumption of 1 or more nutrients may occur w/ consumption of megadoses of single-micronutrient supplement Both deficiency & toxicity can be assoc. independently with undernutrition & overconsumption
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Lecture 22 Malnutrition - Lecture 22 Malnutrition Good...

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