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Book letter - chug down the water Then the platoon gets...

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September 16, 2007 Dear Eleanore Byhre, I recently started reading the book Jarhead by Anthony Swofford the book is about the beginning of the war on terror. This book so far is mostly written in third person so I don’t even know the main characters name yet. It starts out with the main guy in his basement going through is chest of stuff the he had over at the war and is now looking back on. Once he goes through all of his stuff, he tells us a little bit of what they went through. After this he starts telling the story of his experience in Kuwait and what he went through to get there. These soldiers are based out of Kuwait and are going through training activities in the desert and preparing if there is a chemical attack. He talks about how much water they need to drink in order to stay hydrated while training and even sitting around base camp they need to
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Unformatted text preview: chug down the water. Then the platoon gets told that some reporters are coming to write stories on the troops and how the war is going. The sergeants tell the troops they can only tell certain things and cannot say anything that will make the Marines look bad. So far I really like this book; I like reading about wars and what not it is really interesting to me to read about it. I didn’t expect the book so far to be entirely in third person but you get used to it once you read enough of it I got to know who he was talking about. Not too much went on in the first 50 pages besides what I talked about. I also think I will really get into this book because it interests me quite a bit. Most books I can’t really get into because they are boring and not interesting....
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