Lecture3 - Node _next, _prev; Object _data; } // iterable?...

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// public Object get (int index){ // need to check IndexOutOfBounds if( index < 0 || index >= _numElements) throw IndexOutofBoundsExpection(); return _underlyingStorage[index]; }//end of get public void remove(int index){ // Check valid index ... for(int i = index + 1; i <_numElements; i++){ _underlyingStorage[i-1] = _underlyingStorage[i]; } _numElements--; }//end of remove // hints class DoublyLL12 implements List12{ // inner class class Node{
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Unformatted text preview: Node _next, _prev; Object _data; } // iterable? } //must instantiate object that iterates the iterator interface interface Iterable{ Iterator iterator(); } //implemnts? interface List12 extends Iterable{ } interface Iterator (){ boolean hasNext() remove Next() } class DLL12Iterator iimplents Iterator{ } ////// Final, nice queue for reader to knkow whats final final String s = System.in.readLine();...
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