Lecture6 - void n class A void K class B extends A...

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// Lecture 6 //Mark and Sweep: implementation of asodghpasoihg //Garbage collector, looks at its local variable and braches out to stuff. //Lets say it uses DLL and calls clear. It sees an island of nodes that is not marked in use // so it'll be swept away. ///// interface X{ void x(); } interface Y extends X{ W y(); } interface W{
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Unformatted text preview: void n(); } class A{ void K() { } } class B extends A implements Y { void l () { } // You can infer which methods must also be implemented here based on the fact aht B implements Y } final B b = new B(); b.XXXX(); // What methods can replace XXX so that the code compiles //everything except n()...
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