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How the internet works in general TCP: one byte in , one byte out another side GET index.html HTTP/1.0 Ur browser in the background open a sockets and does these things Head, only get the headers Post, put something, get also works? POST “name of cgi script” the some other header liens a blank line then data POST, gets put into the stdio? Cgi script its as if w/e u put on the keyboard? http command and data come on port 80, ftp command port 21, data port somewhere else tunneling through http nc – netcat nc -1 –p 10000 liston on port 10000 tcpdump –I eth0 –n –X udp
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Unformatted text preview: ec2-184-72-79-254.compute-1.amazonaws.com ec2-67-202-3-210.compute-1.amazonaws.com iperf –s –p 10000 nmap traceroute time to live -> ICMP queue : packets that are arriving like cutstomers to a queue and each packet has to be served by the server, transmitted by the link. Instantenous rate > server instaneous so have a line t0, t1, t2 arrival times ti = arrival of the ith packet t0 t1--|----x----x---------------------------- time Each customer requires a service time of s i = L i /C Next time statistical models...
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