Chapter-17_CW - CHAPTER SEVENTEEN fourteenth-century art in...

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CHAPTER SEVENTEEN fourteenth-century art in Europe 17 Multiple Choice 1. The governing body for the city of Florence met in the __________. A. Camposanto . B. Palazzo Della Signoria . C. Duomo . D. Baptistry . Page reference: 557 2. __________ was commissioned to paint the Scrovegni Chapel (figure 17-8). A. Cimabue B. Masaccio C. Giotto D. Duccio Page reference: 563 3. A(n) __________ specialty, pictorial needlework, gained such fame that it came to be called __________. A. Italian; buon fresco . B. Sienese; giornata C. French; sinopia D. English; opus anglicanum Page reference: 575 4. The Book of Hours of Jeanne d’Evreux (figure 17-16) by __________ contains special prayers to be recited during the day into the evening. A. Jean Pucelle B. Jan van Eyck C. the Rohan Master D. Gislebertus Page reference: 573 5. __________ painted a huge altarpiece for the high altar of Siena Cathedral. A. Gaddi B. Duccio C. Pisano D. Daddi Page reference: 567
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6. __________ was a master mason for Exeter Cathedral (figure 17-20). A. Richard de Montefort B. Thomas of Whitney C. Thomas Acquinas D. Nicholas of Verdun Page reference: 576 7. The personal style of the painter, __________, merged with the French Gothic style to become the Beautiful style in the later 14 th -century. A. Master Hubert B. Nicholas of Verdun C. Master Theodoric D. Heinrich Musselman Page reference: 580 8. In Northern Europe, particularly Germany, devotional images which depict Mary mourning her dead son, Jesus, are known as __________. A. chasubles. B. predellas. C. vestments. D. Vesperbild . Page reference: 581
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Chapter-17_CW - CHAPTER SEVENTEEN fourteenth-century art in...

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