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CHAPTER THIRTY nineteenth-century art in Europe and the united states 30 MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The __________ has been remarked on as an iron witness to humanity’s determination to reach the skies. A. Monticello B. Paris Opéra C. Wainwright Building D. Eiffel Tower Page reference: 985 2. During the 19 th -century, the power of the __________ and Crown experienced a declining influence on artistic production. A. Teachers B. School C. Church D. Estate Page reference: 987 3. Gros traveled with __________ to Italy and then became his official chronicler of his military campaigns. A. Napoleon B. Delacroix C. Garnier D. Darwin Page reference: 988 4. Géricault was one of the first artists to use the recently invented medium of __________ to create fine arts prints. A. woodcut B. drypoint C. etching D. lithography Page reference: 994 5. __________ received the commission to decorate the main arcade of the triumphal arch on the Champs-Elysées. A. Monet B. Ingres C. Rude D. Gros Page reference: 997
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6. Spanish king Charles IV reinstituted the __________ and stopped most of the French-inspired reforms. A. Inquisition B. Requisition C. Church D. plague Page reference: 998 7. The British landscape painter __________ is known for his calm mood with fresh spontaneity. A. Gros B. Ingres C. Constable D. Friedrich Page reference: 1003 8. The __________ painters fed into the interest to stimulate the imagination with the exotic. A. tall B. Romantic C. ocher D. Austrian Page reference: 1005 9. One of the first professional European artists to travel to the Mideast was _________. A.
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Chapter-30_CW - CHAPTER THIRTY n in et ee n t h c e n t u r...

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