Chapter-32_CW - CHAPTER thirty-two The international scene...

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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER thirty-two The international scene since 1945 32 MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Most European artists in the immediate __________ period used their art to come to terms in some way with what they had experienced. A. mass-media B. election C. running D. postwar Page reference: 1128 2. The principal founder of Art Informel was __________. A. Wolfgang Schulze. B. Jean-Paul Sartre. C. Alberto Giacometti. D. Francis Bacon. Page reference: 1129 3. Wilfredo Lam used his art to support the struggle against __________. A. frames. B. age. C. colonialism. D. history. Page reference: 1131 4. Arshile Gorky took the Cubist-Surrealist style further into spontaneous __________. A. objects. B. refinement. C. assemblage. D. improvisation. Page reference: 1132 5. Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie were influences on the artist __________ in developing his spontaneous, improvisational style. A. David Smith B. Jean Dubuffet C. Francis Bacon D. Jackson Pollock Page reference: 1134 6. Several action painters worked on the __________ as a way to free themselves from the constraints of the easel. A. floor B. beach C. road D. hillside Page reference: 1137 7. Arte Concreto-Invencin and Mad were postwar groups in __________. A. Los Angeles. B. Buenos Aires. C. New York. D. Havana. Page reference: 1141 8. Johns, Cage, and Rauschenberg collaborated on theatrical events with the choreographer __________. A. Yves Klein. B. Francis Bacon. C. Diane Arbus. D. Merce Cunningham. Page reference: 1149 9. Allan Kaprow and Yves Klein were both associated with __________. A. Happenings....
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Chapter-32_CW - CHAPTER thirty-two The international scene...

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