LM 12 sp3 hybridization-solutions

LM 12 sp3 hybridization-solutions - Roman’,’seriF’;...

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nanni (arn437) – LM 12 sp3 hybridization – vanden bout – (50985) 1 This print-out should have 3 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page – fnd all choices beFore answering. 001 10.0 points ¡p¿¡span style=”Font-size: small;”¿¡span style=”Font-Family: Calibri;”¿The lone pair oF electrons that resides on the N in am- monia is predicted by VB theory to be Found:¡/span¿¡/span¿¡/p¿ ¡p¿nbsp;¡/p¿ 1. ¡span style=”Font-size: small;”¿¡span style=”Font-Family: Calibri;”¿In a pure 2s or- bital¡/span¿¡/span¿ 2. ¡span style=”line-height: 115 3. ¡span style=”line-height: 115 4. ¡span style=”Font-size: small;”¿¡span style=”Font-Family: Calibri;”¿In a hybridized sp2 orbital¡/span¿¡/span¿ 4. nbsp; Explanation: ¡p¿¡span style=”Font-Family: ’Times New
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Unformatted text preview: Roman’,’seriF’; Font-size: 12pt; mso-Fareast-Font-Family: ’Times New Roman’;”¿The pure s and three p atomic orbitals on Nitrogen are combined into Four sp3 orbitals in ammo-nia.¡/span¿¡/p¿ 002 10.0 points How would the hybrid orbitals oF H 2 O be described? 1. sp 3 correct 2. sp 3. sp 3 d 4. sp 3 d 2 5. sp 2 Explanation: H 2 O has 2 bond pairs and 2 lone pairs oF electrons on its central atom O. It fts the general Formula AB 2 U 2 . Thus it has 4 regions oF high electron density around O. When this happens, the hybridation is sp 3 . 003 10.0 points Which atomic orbitals Form the sp 3 hybrid orbitals? 1. one s and one p 2. one s and two p 3. two s and three p 4. one s and three p correct 5. two s and two p Explanation:...
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