Biochemistry - 1920’s-30’s Biochemical pathways...

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Biochemistry -1828 Freidrich Wohler showed urea synthesis from ammonium and cyanate (organic compounds synthesized from inorganic compounds) biological chemistry (biochemistry) the same as all other chemistry -1868 Louis Pasteur shows yeast cells needed for fermentation of sugar into alcohol (living organisms for specific chemical processes) -1897 Hans Buchner shows that extract from yeast cells also works (enzymes)
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Unformatted text preview: 1920’s-30’s Biochemical pathways (glycolysis, Krebs cycle (TCA), ATP for energy) Genetics-1866 Gregor Mendel hereditary factors (genes) and segregation (took 35 years before work recognised)-1876 Walther Flemming identified chromosomes-1900 Walter Sutton chromosome theory of inheritence-1944 Avery et al. genetic transformation in Bacteria)-1953 James Watson and Francis Crick double helix model...
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