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Structure of Acetyl CoA

Structure of Acetyl CoA - acyl and others The thioester...

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Structure of Acetyl CoA The structure of Acetyl CoA consists of two parts. 1. Acetyl group 2. Coenzyme A Beta-mercaptoethylamine Pantothenic acid (not synthesized in man -- an essential nutrient) Phosphate 3', 5'-adenosine diphosphate Function of CoA CoA is a commonly used carrier for activated acyl groups (acetyl, fatty
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Unformatted text preview: acyl and others). The thioester bond which links the acyl group to CoA has a large negative standard free energy of hydrolysis (-7.5 kcal/mole). This qualifies it as a high energy bond, and explains why an acyl group attached to CoA in this manner is considered to be activated....
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