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Book letter #2 September 23, 2007 Dear Elanore Byhre In this section of Jarhead the main character changes platoons and get closer to going into war. When he arrived on the base where he will be staying he went to the office to get his room assignment and what not. He got talking to the staff sergeant and he was asked to try out for the bugle boy position for the platoon because he told the staff sergeant that he used to play the trumpet. Then he headed off to his barrack and when he walked in he saw one of his roommates with a blow torch and a coat hanger, he was bending to say USMC. Then he branded one of the guys in the room. Once this was over all the soldiers tackled him and hog tied him and pretended to brand him. After all this took place he went back to the staff sergeants office and asked him when the try out for the bugle boy position, and found out it was fake!
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Unformatted text preview: Later in the section he went to work out every day at the gym and one of the staff sergeants was watching him and told him he should start doing more cardio training and try out for a sniper position. I still have not found out the main characters name or much information about him. In this section there was a lot of storytelling going on, he was training to become a scout/sniper so he was constantly reading books on the history of snipers and what they go through. I thought this part of the book was a little boring just because not many interesting things went on. I think the author could have made it a little more exciting if he didn’t put as many stories about the snipers, although some of them were interesting. I hope this next section will be a more exciting now that he is a sniper. Jake Fredbo...
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