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Instructor: Joshua Ballinger English 201—Jutice and the Law Research Proposal Guidelines Spring 2011 The Research Proposal: Your Proposal should be speculative in nature. It should be approximately four pages in length with 1” margins and 12 point font It should use one or two Theoretical Pieces that we read and discussed in class, plus case sources of your own finding . The Proposal should include the following information in paragraph form: THE TOPIC *General overview of the topic, problem, theme, or issue addressed. *What conversation, debate, discussion, or controversy will you enter? *How will you focus this topic in terms of a defined location and time period? THE ADOPTED CONCEPTUAL/THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK *What theories, often presenting radically different ideas, will be used as tools by which to analyze the chosen case studies or research topic that you set out to do? *In what ways will they be applicable?
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