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Sample Research Proposal 2 - The Topic My topic is on the...

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The Topic My topic is on the ethics behind executive compensation on Wall Street. In the aftermath of one of the worst economic downturns, many critics have directed their blames to the practice of Wall Street. Many of them believe that the overly profit-driven banking industry is the cause for the loss in economic output. Even though the excessive greed of these banks caused great suffering to ordinary middle class Americans, the banks’ executives received record-breaking bonuses. My topic will revolve around whether or not it is ethical for these CEOs to receive the bonuses while knowing that they have caused the society a great amount of distress and agony. The controversy that I am going to debate is that, under a completely capitalistic society, everyone should be free to act based on self-interest. However, is it acceptable from an ethical standpoint for individuals to collect a large sum of money even though their actions indirectly or unintentionally caused damage to others? As many economists have argued, a free economy will automatically achieve efficiency if everyone only worries his or her costs and benefits. So for those who lost money in the recession, many economists would argue that they “deserved” it because they miscalculated the risk in some of their investments. On the other hand, other people might argue that these executives who are receiving a large sum of money have made mistakes that triggered a financial crisis, which eventually negatively impacted a majority of the assets in the economy. In
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Sample Research Proposal 2 - The Topic My topic is on the...

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