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Chapter 2 Solutions 2.18 a. Reg. § Treasury regulation section. 1. Part number (1 denotes an income tax regulation). 721 Code section to which regulation relates. (See Example on p. 2-25.) 11- b. Rev. Rul. Revenue ruling. 60-314 Year of issuance and ruling number. (See Examples on p. 2-26.) 11- c. Rev. Proc. Revenue procedure. 86-46, Year of issuance, 1986, and procedure number. (See p. 2-26.) d. Rev. Rul Revenue ruling. 98-36 Year of issuance, 1998, and ruling number.
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Unformatted text preview: (See p. 2-26.) 11-e. 351 Internal Revenue Code 351 (See p. 2-22.) 11-2-25 a. The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit (CA-11) decided the Robert Autrey Jr. v. United States case on appeal. b. A United States District Court originally tried the case. c. The Court of Appeals affirmed part of the District Courts decision and reversed part of it....
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