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When Tax Returns are Due - should submit no later than...

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Income Tax Accounting 33:010:421 Fall 2011 When Tax Returns are Due -See textbook page 4-35 Tax Returns for individuals are due by the 15 th day of the fourth month after the taxpayer’s year end. For individuals (for whom virtually all are on calendar years) returns are due by April 15 th in the year after the most recently ended December 31st. Thus, Year 2011 individual income tax returns will be required to be filed by April 15, 2012. A taxpayer who is unable to timely file a 2011 individual income tax return
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Unformatted text preview: should submit no later than April 15, 2012 Form 4868. This form is an “Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File a U.S. Individual Income Tax Return”. Filing this form by April 15, 2012 gives a taxpayer an Extension of time (of six months) to file, that is until October 15, 2012. Included in course documents is a copy of Form 4868 for 2010 (the 2011 form is not yet available) downloaded from the IRS Web Site at www.irs.gov ....
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