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cost accounting syllabuslatest

cost accounting syllabuslatest - Syllabus Rutgers...

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Syllabus Rutgers University Department of Accounting and Information Systems Cost Accounting-33:010:451 Section 02 Fall 2011 Tuesday & Thursday 5.00- 6.20 pm BE 253(Beck Hall), Livingston Campus Professor: Savita Sahay Office: Janice H. Levin Building 94 Rockafeller Road, Room 237, Livingston Campus Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays:3:30 – 4:30 pm And by appointment Please bring your textbook to each class. Please , turn your cell phone off before entering the classroom! Course Objectives: To examine the use, understanding and management of accounting data for planning, decision-making and control purposes. Emphasis is placed on the diverse context in which managers use accounting and other financial information to influence the right business decisions in controlling and analyzing costs. Required Textbook and Software : Textbook: 1. Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis, 14h edition, (Horngren, Datar, Foster) ISBN 0132109963 There are two version of our textbook listed in the Rutgers University Bookstore’s website. Please read carefully and pick the right book for you: The first version of this book includes all 23 Chapters of this textbook. If you do not have the book from last semester, this is the book you need to buy. We will cover chapters 12 to 33:010:451:01
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23 of this textbook in this course and I would strongly suggest you brush up your knowledge of Managerial Accounting and get up to speed. The second version is a custom version containing only the first 12 chapters of the same book, is lighter and less expensive. This smaller version is only for Managerial Accounting students, not for you. On Line Software (required): 2. MYACCOUNTING LAB: Both versions of this textbook, when purchased directly from the bookstore, come with access to an online homework system ( www.myaccountinglab ) that everyone must use for homework. The first and more expensive version of this textbook provides access to “my accounting lab” for a 12 month period. If you have an old copy of the book available, you can purchase the Myaccountinglab software from the publisher for $90. Doing so offers the advantage of an online version of the book. While it may be tempting to try to use the textbook solely online, those who have tried to so in the past have often found it frustrating particularly when doing homework. I therefore encourage everyone to acquire a hard copy of the book whether new or used. If you happen to have an older edition of the book, you will find that although text and chapter problems are largely the same, their numbers are different. For example, problem 12-22 in our 14 th edition might be 12-31 in your older edition. So if you want to stick with the older edition, you will still have to buy the software AND compare the hard copy with the online book to figure out what problems are assigned for homework and class work.
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cost accounting syllabuslatest - Syllabus Rutgers...

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