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Beer Industry Case 2

Beer Industry Case 2 - US Beer Industry Situation Analysis...

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US Beer Industry Situation Analysis 2010 Framework: Beer Industry, Alcoholic Beverage Sector, Mass Market Segment Industry Segments: Mass Market Key Players: Anheuser Bush, Coors, Miller Key Facts:Mass Market controls 80% of beer industry Economies of Scale Advantageous Premium Beer Industry growing Per Capita Consumption of Beer Falling Mass Market segment revolves around pricing, brand loyalty, distribution channels, national advertising Anheuser Bush - 2 billion dollars, 50% market share, only profitable member of segment Consolidated Firms: Coors-Malson, SABMiller Increase in Advertising puts smaller firms at disadvantage Popularity in substitutions increasing Increase in the required amount of economies of scale Decline in mass market brewers Current Strategy Key Players: Miller, Coors, Anheuser Bush Differentiation Strategy Creating image/identity for the brand to gain brand loyalty SWOT Analysis Porter's 5 forces Intensity of Rivalry:
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