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Business Policy & Strategy - Fall 2011 New Brunswick 2

Business Policy & Strategy - Fall 2011 New...

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Rutgers Business School Business Policy & Strategy - Undergraduate Syllabus (Subject to Change) - Fall 2011 Class: 35909 (33:620:492:06) New Brunswick - Location: JLB 006 Mondays and Wednesdays – Sep 7 th to Dec 12 th Note: Also Thursday Sep 8 th 3:20 PM – 4:40 PM Instructor Information: Denis Hamilton [email protected] Office Hours: Before or after class or by appointment Required Course Materials: Strategic Management An Integrated Approach IMPORTANT Ninth Edition, hard cover By: Charles W. L. Hill & Gareth R. Jones South Western – Cengage Learning ISBN: 0538748567 NOTE: This book has numerous cases in the back half of text. Do not order the text without the cases. About the textbook: Each edition has updated cases and material. You are expected to have the correct edition and bring it to class. Note: I have no financial interest with this publisher or the bookstore. This undergraduate level course in Business Policy & Strategy reviews the principles, tools, processes and practices used by managers to strategically manage their organizations to achieve competitive advantage and superior performance. Topics covered include: managing the strategy making process (including external analysis & internal analysis), key goals of strategy (distinctive competencies, competitive advantage, and profitability), building competitive advantage (functional-level strategy, business-level strategy, corporate-level strategy), application of business level strategy in the industry environment, relationship of strategy and technology, strategically managing corporate performance/governance/business ethics, creating competitive strategy for single industry firms, and creating competitive strategy for diversified firms. NOTE: Some topics in the textbook (e.g., strategy in the global environment, Chapter 8) are covered in other courses in the Rutgers Business program in more depth and therefore will not be covered in this course. 1
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Course Objectives: Students who successfully complete this course should have an understanding of core concepts of strategic management and the practical application of those concepts to strategic business situations. Course Framework: Strategic management requires the consideration and integration of multiple theories and practices from several scientific disciplines (economics, sociology, psychology) and several business fields (marketing, finance, management, operations, technology, international business, etc.). The course assumes students have some familiarity with these underlying concepts. The framework of the course is to draw on these multiple perspectives in addressing the strategic challenges faced by managers working in competitive businesses. Many of the concepts can also be applied to not-for-profit and government organizations with some limitations.
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Business Policy & Strategy - Fall 2011 New...

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