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Case Analysis Method - Business Policy Strategy Case...

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Business Policy & Strategy Case Analysis Method Professor Hamilton 8 Step Process: 1. Situation Analysis (first determine the appropriate framework for the analysis: sector, industry, industry segment, firm, function, individual) a. Brief summary of background relevant to the analysis b. Describe the current position: Market/Financial/other pertinent factors 2. Describe the Current Strategy (if a firm) a. Differentiation b. Low Cost c. Combination 3. SWOT Analysis a. Internal Analysis (not applicable if analyzing an industry or industry segment) a.i. Strengths a.ii. Weaknesses b. External Analysis (Use Porter’s Five Forces Analysis to help with this, also industry maturity analysis) b.i. Opportunities b.ii. Threats 4. Describe the key issues facing this industry/organization/firm/function/individual a. Low profitability b. Low growth c. Threat of future limitations on profitability and/or growth d. Other pertinent issue 5. Describe the reasons this group/entity/individual are facing this issue (reasons are usually
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