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Individual Case - Strategic Management Professor Hamilton Individual Case Study Assignment(20 Points Objective To demonstrate understanding of the

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Strategic Management Professor Hamilton Individual Case Study Assignment (20 Points) Objective: To demonstrate understanding of the theories of strategic management through effective application to a business situation as demonstrated in a professionally prepared written document. Deliverable: A written case analysis consisting of 6 – 10 typed pages (not counting any charts or pictures) using 1” margins all around, 11 or 12 point font, 1.15 or 1.5 line spacing. Refer to the 8 step case analysis posted in Blackboard as well as to pages C1 – C12 in the textbook for a detailed description of how to analyze a case and how to write a case analysis. Cite any references used in preparing your document other than information obtained from the textbook. Academic integrity rules apply to all assignments in this course. See the Rutgers academic integrity policy and/or discuss with the instructor if you have any doubts. Due Date:
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