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African-American Memory out - A The “Africanisms”...

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Outline 9/30/08 Memory and Self in African-American Culture (Part I) I. Introduction: Race, Slavery, and Memory Does the past have a color? II. Beloved —Discussion A. How does Morrison define selfhood? B. What is the role of memory in making the self? C. How does time function in the novel? What is the significance of Morrison’s use of time? D. What does this novel tell us about black families, in slavery and after? III. The Atlantic Slave Trade A. Overview B. Impact of the Middle Passage C. The Peculiar case of British N. America and the U.S. D. The Domestic Slave Trade III. Continuity and Discontinuity in Slave Culture
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Unformatted text preview: A. The “Africanisms” debate B. The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom 1. stable families? 2. black families and white paternalism 3. the family after the Civil War C. Religion 1. from Spiritual Holocaust to the Black church 2. black interpretation of Christianity IV. Resistance and Survival A. The comparative question of rebellion B. The family, the past, and resistance: does persistence of family ties explain lack of rebellion? Or does it explain C. The Civil War as General Strike V. DuBois and the Color Line...
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