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Commemoration from The Founders to the Civil War 10/14/08 I. Intro: memory goes public what is commemoration? what gets commemorated? what is a monument? what does it do? II. Making and Remembering the Founding Fathers A. George Washington his death (1799) and early memorials 1. the mythic leader 2. Mason Locke Weems: the domestication of Washington B. Celebrating the Founding 1. Forefathers’ Day 2. the rocky history of Independence Day --Jefferson and Adams die July 4, 1826 --rising class and regional divisions C. The War of 1812 1. war as commemoration? or emulation? 2. the fight over memory: Federalists and Republicans 3. Richard Rush Revisited: memory of fathers requires self-sacrifice and reenactment of independence D. Bunker Hill: The Making of a Monument 1. The History of the Monument: built 1827-1843 2. Webster’s Addresses: Discuss
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Unformatted text preview: a. How does Webster think his audience should honor the Revolutionary fathers? b. How does Webster link the nation to the Revolution? Is the relationship obvious? c. Does Webster’s perspective change in the 2 nd oration? 3. The Meaning of monumental structures: inspiration or tomb? E. The Washington Monument 1. History 2. Appearance 3. significance: national power III. The Civil War Era (Part I) A. Slavery and the nation 1. new birth of freedom 2. the body politic (who is in? whose memories?) 3. commemorating division (problem of closure) B. The Monument in the Post-Civil War Period 1. Rise of the Monument 2. Types of monuments and memorials 3. Race and the “common man” monument C. Remembering the War 1. nationalism and the North 2. emergence of the Lost Cause...
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