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Outline 9/16/08 Indian-White Relations, Conflict, and Time I. Introduction: What’s time got to do with it? II. Indian-White Relations: an Overview A. Early contact 1. Disease 2. War 3. Indian ways of life 4. European ways of life B. The Age of Expansion 1. Andrew Jackson and Indian Removal Indian Removal Act, 1830 Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, 1831 2. Small Pox 3. Western Expansion: Treaties and White Settlers C. Toward the 20 th c. 1. Federal Government expansion a. 1871: Congress passes law forbidding further negotiations of treaties with Indian tribes. b. Dawes Allotment Act, 1887 c. Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock, 1903 2. War and Resistance: a. Sitting Bull and Custer b. Ghost Dance movement
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Unformatted text preview: c. Wounded Knee, 1890 III. White views of Indians A. America as Garden of Eden B. The Violent savage 1. captivity narratives 2. white savages and going native C. The Vanishing Race 1. Laments 2. James Fenimore Cooper (Last of the Mohicans, 1826) D. The Noble Savage and the Tragically Doomed E. A People Outside of Time IV. Paintings, Photos, Sculptures: A Discussion V. Indian Views of Time and the Past A. On Nature and land 1. the meanings of landscape 2. the need for harmony B. On Time: cyclical time; ancestral time (ceremonial time) C. On History and Change (contact stories, memory, etc)...
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IndiansTime_outline - c. Wounded Knee, 1890 III. White...

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