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American Studies 101: Introduction to American Studies Paper Assignment Write a five to seven page paper about an object, site, or practice that pertains to public memory. You might choose a monument, a memorial, a historic landmark, a parade, a vigil, or a number of other options. Pick something that you can observe first-hand and that illuminates in some way the culture of remembrance in the United States. The paper must be built around your research into the topic. That research should include your own analytically focused observations (i.e. a visual “reading” of your subject) as well as investigation into the origins, design, planning, maintenance, cultural impact, etc. of your subject. How much of each kind of research you do and use in the paper is up to you. Use your ideas and analysis as your guide in making these decisions. You must, however, bring enough research to bear that you can develop an informed analysis rather
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Unformatted text preview: than a statement of personal opinion. On the other hand, you should avoid simply summarizing facts and be sure to advance an argument of your own. Keep the themes and the readings of the class in mind as you develop your paper. You may wish to make direct reference to course readings in your paper. If you do, you can simply cite author and page number (e.g. Hass, 15). All outside sources, however, must be cited in proper footnote or endnote form. Consult the American Studies Department’s guidelines for acknowledging sources. Papers should be written in 12-point type, double-spaced, with margins no less than an inch. Please number your pages and staple them together. Do not submit electronically. The paper is due November 25th in class. Late papers will be penalized one third of a letter grade per day....
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