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Outline: Patriarchy and Generations 9/12 I. Introduction: transmitting the past II. Patriarchy and the Past A. Patriarchy defined B. The Power of the Patriarch 1. tradition and custom 2. lineage C. Feminist Critique 1. Patriarchy and tradition 2. the illusion of immortality III. Early History of Generations in America A. Early America (ca. 1630-1760) 1. The Puritan Case 2. Patriarchalism and Continuity 3. 18 th -c Rumblings a. The Great Awakening (1730s-1740s) b. Contractual thought (Locke) c. Enlightenment thought B. The Revolution and Founding Generation (ca. 1760-1800) 1. King and People 2. The rise of anti-patriarchal language 3. Revolution as Revolt against authority (republicanism) 4. The Founding Generation C. 1812: Discussion of Richard Rush 1. What kind of family imagery does Rush use in describing the
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Unformatted text preview: relationship between the United States and Britain? 2. Is the common ancestry of the Americans and the British a problem to Rush? 3. What does Rush say Americans must do to prove themselves? Why? 4. What relationship does Rush envision between his generation and the generation that fought the Revolutionary War? 5. What relationship does he envision between his generation and future generations? IV. Later History of Generations in America (a sketch) A. The Rise of Youth Culture 1. 19 th c. youth culture 2. the 1920s and the Moderns B. The 1950s: 1. The family in the 50s 2. Elvis, James Dean, and teen culture C. The 1960s 1. Youth Revolt (SDS and beyond) 2. The Generation Gap...
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