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Outline 10/28: Progress I. Introduction: The meaning of progress and the origins of progressive thinking II. The birth of progress in America A. Understanding Appleby 1. What does her title mean? 2. What changed in the 1790s? 3. What is the relationship between economics and values? B. Republicanism 1. definitions 2. classical republicanism a. the many and the few b. civic virtue c. group liberty 3. republican fears a. fear of failure: can a republic last? b. fear of corruption: the bane of the republic c. problem of success 4. the republican vision of the past and future 5. Jeffersonian republicanism a. the new meanings of liberty and independence b. republicanism without limits (hope, growth, perfectibility) c. a focus on the future C. Liberalism 1. defined: classical liberalism
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Unformatted text preview: --individualism; natural law and rights (imaginary state of nature); individual liberty and equality; faith in market capitalism (the invisible hand); science and reason 2. liberal view of past and future 3. the triumph of liberal politics: from the Revolution to Andrew Jackson III. The problem with progress A. What gets left behind? B. The Federalist and conservative critique C. the challenge of the excluded D. The coming social crisis 1. haves and have nots 2. the organization of the working class 3. a note on Karl Marx IV. The Progressive Era A. Progress as faith and duty B. Who will lead? Government, reformers, unions, businesses C. The Age of National Reform...
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