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Outline 9/23/08 The Self-Made Man I. Self, Man, and the Self-Made Man II. The Revolutionary Context A. The Value of Independence B. Self-control and republican government (corruption) C. Self-making in politics and print (trying on voices) D. Cultivation, refinement and the elite --Jeffersonian vision --the disinterested elite III. Self-Culture in the Young Republic A. The Age of Association: Literary Societies; Useful Knowledge; self- improvement The Voluntary System in Religion: Benevolent associations; DIY ethic in charity and moral culture B. Self-Culture: the birth of self-help C. Self interest: emergence of market logic and celebration of self interest D. Making it in business: The self-made man v. the confidence man P.T. Barnum: 1840s
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Unformatted text preview: Melville 1857 IV. Ralph Waldo Emerson A. Background B. Rebellion: 1832 leaves his pulpit; Divinity School Address 1838; Son Waldo dies 1842 C. Apostle of self-making: on the lecture circuit; Emerson misunderstood? D. Ambivalence toward the past: Genealogy, Mary Moody Emerson, etc. What replaces tradition for Emerson? V. Sara P. Willis (aka Fanny Fern) and the Self-Made Woman A. Background B. Crisis: husband’s death; remarriage C. Rebellion: divorce and Boston D. Birth of Fanny Fern and Ruth Hall (1855) E. Fanny Fern as self-made woman: scribbling women; motherhood; patriarchy What enabled her to break away? Popularity and mass culture Discussion: Franklin, Emerson, and Alger...
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