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11/3 Production : physical labor Service : interaction with people emotion work; provide a pre-developed international experience; body work Film “Fast Food Women” Women enter work force because husbands are getting laid off, no other source of income Mostly composed of women Creativity is confined, hire people who are willing to conform, not robots Core workers Peripheral workers… company groom these workers with benefits and training, lavish hotel provided for employees Hamburger University… but workers are viewed as disposable Deskilling of jobs- short order cooks have changed to “food preparation workers” People cannot find core work, thus, they must resort to jobs where they are not
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Unformatted text preview: guaranteed long-term employment; receive less benefits/pay result of cost reduction strategy Hay’s article—“Flat Broke With Children” • Welfare queens—women continue to have babies to stay on welfare • Misconception that people ride out welfare system due to laziness and lack of work ethic • Welfare reform in 1990s—addressed the problem of work ethic o Provide more incentives for people to pull themselves up by the bootstraps. . to become independent o Still defined as an individual problem o Managers increased profits by adjusting amount of workers to customer demand… working off the clock, sending them home early to maintain this customer/worker ratio...
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