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Hanifa Ayunisa (BI 105) People Planet Profit on March 2, 2011 We can reduce our ecological footprints by reducing amount paper that we use -->read news online rather than in print. Peter M. Hudgson says that everyone wants to get envolve by getting a part on making a better environmental . 1. give people training, so they know what they can do and cannot do. 2. donate money to those people who need it, so people will not destroy our environment to get money. 3. shut down the office when there is nobody there because it wil save energy and money. 4. Always turn a off light and computer when a person is about to leave because it is a good thing to do; it will save energy and save money. Pat Wirth says about a company. 1. A company can also help our environment by encouraging other companies to be "green". 2. The company needs to find the best way to encourage its customers to be green by using the most convinience way. 3.
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