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recycling paper final - Negative Sides of Recycling We all...

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Negative Sides of Recycling We all know that the United States produces quite a lot of products, and so do other countries. Demand for different kind of product has been increasing steadily; we even measure the performance of an economy by the quantity of product. On the other perspective, however, the world produces solid waste in the same speed. It is then our responsibility to deal with the waste in safe, cost-effective, and environmentally sensitive ways. In the US, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2009, the per capita generation of waste was 4.34 pounds per person per day and total waste generation was 243.0 million tons; and the US generated more solid waste per capita than any other country. The numbers are amazing, and even increasing day by day as the U.S. population increases. While there is no single solution to the challenge of solid water disposal today, we have to solve the problem effectively as it will affect not only our generation but also, more severely, the next one. An integrated approach, from reducing the source of waste to recycling can be utilized to reduce the speed of waste production. Many people think that recycling is the best ways to prevent our waste problem because recycling can save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and even generate jobs. Nevertheless, recycling alone cannot solve the whole problem, it only solves a part of the big problem. Thinking that recycle can solve the problem is misleading; it is a big mistake. People have to aware that they cannot consume too many products because recycling still cannot help much to solve our waste problem. Nowadays, people tend to easily get bored with their old electronic stuffs, like computer, television, and radio because of rapidly improving technology. By the means of aggressive advertising, consumer becomes thirst for all the latest gadgets; so, they tend to buy new products. After they buy their new electronics, they are going to wonder “what should I do with the old ones?”, and the possible answer is recycling.
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First of all, not all elements of used product can be recycled; and electronic waste can pose a risk to human health. While recycling is important, one should be
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recycling paper final - Negative Sides of Recycling We all...

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