recycling paper - We all know that the United States...

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produce solid waste, and it is our responsibility to deal with our waste in safe, cost-effective, and environmentally sensitive ways. And according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency In 2009, the per capita generation of waste was 4.34 pounds per person per day and total waste generation was 243.0 million tons. We realize that there is no single solution to the challenge of solid water disposal today. And the problems worsen each year as the U.S. population increases. However, a combination of source reduction, reuse, recycling is currently may be the optimal way to manage solid waste because the United States generated more solid water, per capita, than any other country. All of the people want to reduce the amount of waste as much as possible, and they think that recycling is one of the best ways to prevent our waste problem because of some reasons; recycling can save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and generate jobs. However, there are also some negative effects of recycling, and in this paper, I will be more focus on the negative effects of recycling to make people aware that they still cannot consume too many products because recycling still cannot help much to solve our waste problem. Recycling electronic waste can pose a risk to human health, and the cost to recycle is just too expensive to be a viable solution. First reason is, electronic recycling can pose a risk to human health. Nowadays, People tend to easily get bored with their old electronic stuffs, like computer, television, and radio because of rapidly improving technology, and also because of a consumer thirst for all the latest gadgets ; so, they tend to buy new electronics. After they buy their new electronics, they are going to wonder “what should I do with the old ones?”, and the possible answer is recycling. However,
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recycling paper - We all know that the United States...

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