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reduce private motor vehicles

reduce private motor vehicles - Hanifa Ayunisa 1555...

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April 24, 2011 Hanifa Ayunisa 1555 Templeton Place Rockville, MD 20852 The Honorable Senator Barbara Mikulski 503 Hart Senate Office Building, District of Columbia 20510-2003 Dear Senator Mikulski: I’m writing to you today, to propose one law change. I am worried about a rising levels of congestion and air pollution in all of the states, including Maryland. One of the apparent factors that count is the rapidly increasing number of private motor vehicles in use. Motor vehicles are emerging as the largest source of urban air pollution in the developing world, due to their rapidly increasing number and the very limited use of emission control technologies. Without timely and effective measures to mitigate the adverse impacts of motor vehicle use, the living environment in the cities of the developing world will continue to deteriorate and become increasingly unbearable. Therefore, I propose to reduce the amount of private motor vehicles on the street.
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