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Study Guide for Unit 4 - Study Guide for Unit #4 Soil,...

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Soil, Food, Pesticides and Genetically Modified Crops (See Chapters 15, 19 and 23) The last unit of this course is on agriculture. Listed below are some of the questions that may be asked on the Unit #4 quiz and the Unit #4 exam. The Unit #4 quiz is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20 th and will cover the section on SOIL. The Unit #4 exam has been pushed back to Monday, May 2 nd . The study guide questions for chapters 19 and 23 are under construction. I. Soil (see chapter 15) 1.) Since the 1950’s China has planted over 300 million trees in what has come to be called “The Great Green Wall of China.” What is the purpose of this tree barrier? a) Reduce desertification of the Gobi desert. b) Prevent severe dust storms from reaching Beijing. c) Preserve the fertility of China’s soils. d) All of the above e) None of the above 2.) Conserving our soil resources is critical to human survival because approximately _____ percent of our food comes from the land. a) 99% b) 75% c) 50% d) 25% e) 10% 3.) Although natural climate conditions are responsible for forming deserts, human activities such as _____ and _____ have caused deserts to expand. a) Deforestation b) Overgrazing c) Planting tree barriers d) Polyculture farming e) Only A and B f) Only C and D 4.) Soil forms by weathering of rock. Which of the following is a process through which rock is weathered? a) Wind and water moving over the rock. b) Carbonic acid etching away the rock. c) The freeze and thaw of ice and growth of plant roots. d) Glacial retreat e) All of the above f) None of the above 5.) How does the topography of an area impact the soil composition of that area? a) Areas with mountainous topography and steep slopes tend to have thick layers of top soil
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Study Guide for Unit 4 - Study Guide for Unit #4 Soil,...

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