Book Letter #7 - that is roughly on the Saudi and Kuwait...

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Book Letter #7 This part of the book was a quite interesting because I am getting towards the end of the book. They have just recently had .50 Cal snipers installed on the roof and all of the soldiers are wondering how far the guns shoot and all the other specifics about the gun. Once they got to see the guns for the first they figured out that they could see into the chief’s office. One day when they were up there they found out that you could see the maps of the battle ground on the table in the office. In mid January they platoon redeployed and joined the rest of the battalion in the northern portion of the triangle. They thought since this is the farthest north they’ve been that the war was soon to start. They were also told a lot about NBC which stands for nuclear, biological and chemical warfare. Now it is February and the battalion has moved up to a berm
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Unformatted text preview: that is roughly on the Saudi and Kuwait border. Shortly after they arrive the first artillery round hit very close to them! And the war is on! This was by far the most interesting part of the book because they were talking about how they thought that they were thinking that the war was going to start very soon. Then once you get closer to the end the more and more they prepare for war to start. Now that I have read the whole book I have still not figured out what the main characters name is. Over all I thought this was a very well written book, there were some boring parts but the author always made them up to you with a part that was action packed. My rating for this book would be an 8 out of 10 because what I said in the sentence before this one. Jake Fredbo...
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Book Letter #7 - that is roughly on the Saudi and Kuwait...

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