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Summary of Study Objectives 1 Identify the sections of a classified balance sheet. companies classify assets as current assets; long-term investm equipment; and intangibles. They classify liabilities as either c stockholders' equity section shows common stock and retaine 2 Identify and compute ratios for analyzing a company's pro such as earnings per share (EPS), measure aspects of the oper for a given period of time. 3 Explain the relationship between a retained earnings state stockholders' equity. The retained earnings statement presen retained earnings balance during the period. A statement of sto factors that changed stockholders' equity during the period, in retained earnings. Thus, a statement of stockholders' equity is 4 Identify and compute ratios for analyzing a company's liq balance sheet. Liquidity ratios, such as the current ratio, mea company to pay its maturing obligations and to meet unexpec ratios, such as the debt to total assets ratio, measure the ability over a long period. 5
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