chapter 8 excercise

chapter 8 excercise - adults in the United States. (b) the...

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adults in the United States. (b) the 1161 people interviewed. (c) the 696 people who chose the Democrats. 8.17 A committee on community relations in a college town plans to survey local businesses about the importance of students as customers. From telephone book listings, the committee chooses 150 businesses at random. Of these, 73 return the questionnaire mailed by the committee. The population for this study is (a) all businesses in the college town. (b) the 150 businesses chosen. (c) the 73 businesses that returned the questionnaire. 8.18 The Web portal AOL places opinion poll questions next to many of its news stories. Simply click your response to join the sample . One of the questions in January 2008 was “Do you plan to diet this year?” More than 30,000 people responded, with 68% saying “Yes.” You can conclude that (a) about 68% of Americans planned to diet in 2008. (b) the poll uses voluntary response, so the results tell us little about the population of all adults. (c) the sample is too small to draw any conclusion. 8.22 Archaeologists plan to examine a sample of 2-meter-square plots near an ancient Greek city for artifacts visible in the ground. They choose separate samples
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chapter 8 excercise - adults in the United States. (b) the...

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