chapter 10 exercisee

chapter 10 exercisee - 10.7 Role-playing games The...

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10.7 Role-playing games. The intelligence of a character in a game is determined by rolling the four-sided die twice and adding 1 to the sum of the spots. Start with your work in the previous exercise to give a probability model ( sample space and probabilities of outcomes) for the character’s intelligence. Follow the method of Example 10.5. Count how many ways each intelligence level can occur; the probabilities are counts/16. 10.9 Overweight? Although the rules of probability are just basic facts about percents or proportions, we need to be able to use the language of events and their probabilities . Choose an American adult at random. Define two events : A = the person chosen is obese B = the person chosen is overweight, but not obese According to the National Center for Health Statistics , P ( A ) = 0.32 and P ( B ) = 0.34. (a) Explain why events A and B are disjoint . (b) Say in plain language what the event A or B ” is. What is P ( A or B )? (c) If C is the event that the person chosen has normal weight or less, what is P ( C )? (a) Event B specifically rules out obese subjects . (b) “The person chosen is overweight or obese.” P ( A or B ) = 0.66. (c) 0.34. 10.13 Working out. Choose a person aged 19 to 25 years at random and ask, “In the past seven days, how many times did you go to an exercise or fitness center or work out?” Call the response X for short. Based on a large sample survey , here is a probability model for the answer you will get: 4 (a) Verify that this is a legitimate discrete probability model . (b) Describe the event X < 7 in words. What is P ( X < 7)? (c) Express the event “worked out at least once” in terms of X . What is the probability of this event?
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(a) The eight probabilities have sum 1. (b) “The subject worked out fewer than 7 days in
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chapter 10 exercisee - 10.7 Role-playing games The...

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