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current news event - Information about publishers of...

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Students name: Date: March 3, 2010 Gisele Phalo Diego Barrera Mayra Nieto Eunice Sofoifa Current Event Wall Rubric Research: 1.Students posted two articles about the category and section assigned /5 pts 2.Students provided the source of the articles /5 pts 3.Students provided the author of the articles /5 pts 4.Students provided the date of publication of the articles /5 pts 5.The articles do not exceed 2 pages each. /5 pts /25 pts Analysis: 1.The articles have a title /5 pts 2.The main ideas of the articles are highlighted (in yellow) /20 pts 3.The supporting ideas are highlighted (in pink) /20 pts 4.Description of the Newspaper tendency and brief history /10 pts ______________________________________________________________________________ / 55 pts Group effort /10 pts Special recognition /10 pts ______________________________________________________________________________ Total points for the week of: / 100 pts
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Political Affiliation: Liberal (argued to be conversative) History: FOX News, created by Rupert Murdoch, broadcasted in February 1996. It’s headquater’s today is now in New York. The newspaper delivers news from all global levels, from over 100 subcategories, “fair and balanced.” However, many of its editorials show biased, conservative attitudes. Political Affiliation:  Independent; “It  is otherwise independent of any  political, commercial or sectional  obligations or commitments, and will  not represent the interests of any one  section of the population at the  expense of another.” History:  Gulf News, created by  Abdullah Abulhoul, was first launched  in 1978. Its headquarters are in Dubai.  Gulf news makes sure that their  reporters deliver unbiased news and  discourage political affiliations. It  delivers news from the nation, the  gulf, and the world in several 
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current news event - Information about publishers of...

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