Cost Accounting Case 1 - Yi Chen Cost Acc 10/16/2011...

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Yi Chen Cost Acc 10/16/2011 CHAPTER 1 MINI CASE Book manipulation, embezzlement, fund appropriation, and misleading disclosure of financial information are commonplace, especially initiated by the executive officers, who are committed under pressure from both internal and external corporate environment, in Capitalistic economy, where pecuniary interest and remuneration played an un-dubious and incising incentive. Yet, most of the misappropriation and misrepresentation are conducted through a cabal of stakeholders, which comprised of, albeit largely, corporate officers, internal auditors, boards of directors, as well as regulatory agencies, mainly, executive teams who are exposed to a larger degree of scrutinized and strenuous pressure. Finally as a way to curb the misconduct of business, accounting board began operation and imposed severe punishment, which was once overlooked. Regardless of the result and detriment, fraudulent activities may bring, ethical responsibility remained fragmented once broken. When the common law is applied,
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Cost Accounting Case 1 - Yi Chen Cost Acc 10/16/2011...

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