F07 midterm1

F07 midterm1 - NAME Circle your TA's name Jos Ryan Amy...

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NAME____________________________ Student ID#________________________ Circle your TA s name : José Ryan Amy Ben CHEM 30A Fall 2007 Midterm Exam #1 October 24, 2007 Please sign the following HONOR STATEMENT below before beginning. No regrade requests will be honored if the signature space is left blank. The answers in this examination booklet are entirely my own work. I neither gave nor received information or assistance in writing this examination. I understand that sharing information during this examination, or using materials not explicitly allowed by the instructor, will result in a failing grade on this exam, and possibly in additional action that may affect my ability to continue attending UCLA. SIGNATURE_____________________________________________ PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BEGINNING. 1. Please verify that your cell-phone and/or pager are OFF. If your device rings or vibrates during the exam, 5 points will be deducted from your score. 2.The exam consists of 6 questions on 7 pages . Please verify NOW that you have all pages, and raise your hand for assistance if you do not. 3. Please write your name at the top of EVERY page NOW. 4. To receive full credit, your answers must be legible, structures readable, chemical names spelled and punctuated correctly, and numerical answers given to the correct number of significant figures. To receive partial credit on problems for which it is given, you must show your work. . Always indicate clearly if your work continues onto the back of a page! If there is no such indication, graders will not look at the page backs. Question Credit
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F07 midterm1 - NAME Circle your TA's name Jos Ryan Amy...

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