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take-home 1 - the relationship between managers I hope I...

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Name: Chen, Yi Management is the process of using organizational resources to achieve organizational objectives through the functions of planning, organizing and staffing, leading, and controlling. I think management is the essence that we use every day in life. I will learn management concepts and theories in the class. But I think experience is obviously important in developing management skills. I hope our learning can be practical. In addition, I hope we have some case studies. I think it’s very important for us to learn how to deal with the problems that happen in the company. I am interested in human management. The c ore of management is dealing with various kinds of interpersonal relationship, including the relationship between the organization's members,
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Unformatted text preview: the relationship between managers. I hope I can get more information about motivation and performance evaluation. In order to master the ideas and concepts of management, mastering its elements and basic functions is very important. Second, we need to know how to analyze the case. Management is a subject that trains our way of thinking and the logic analysis method. Management takes up a lot of success and failure in management cases, and forms a relatively optimized management method, can promote the management level. Today, I am expecting some real world management cases to be studied and discussed in the class. Therefore, I can learn Management from a diverse points of views. Page 1...
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