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The use of death penalty remains a controversial issue for years. There has been debates whether or not the death penalty should be used. In my point of view, death penalty is a violent and brutal act that is against human moral principles and does little good for the country. Therefore, it should be abolished. No one can deny that the fact that the death penalty is a brutal action of killing. In a sense of morality, there is no difference between a society killing a criminal and criminal killing someone. They are both violent acts. “Thou shalt not kill”, the bible sets out the basic respect toward people’s life. Neither any individual nor country and society, has the right to decide if a person should live or die. No doubt that the death penalty disregards the basic right of human beings. It’s wrong enough for murder to kill others. But it doesn’t mean to kill criminals for victim. It can’t bring back the lives of those who already died. What it does is to destroy one more life.
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