response paper - Name: Yi Chen Response to Sonnys Blues...

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[] Name: Yi Chen Response to Sonny’s Blues Sonny would stay off drugs because he had gained recognition of himself, from his brother, and from the community. After being released from the jail, Sonny started to face the fact that he had tried hard to escaped from a young age. His brother began to understand the pain and frustration which Sonny had born. He gained the respect and support from the people around him by relieving them with Jazz piano. As these changes took place, Sonny finally overcame the barriers of the society and recovered from drug addiction. When Sonny was teenager, he thought none understand him. He also didn’t want to adapt the life that his brother had. Sonny desired to become a great musician. But he felt he was abandoned from the reality. He didn’t know “where he has been and what he has been”. Then he escaped from Harlem. He addicted to the heroin to suppress his pain and problem. After his release from jail, He realized that what he has done had hurt his brother. He also realized that if his parents were still alive, they would be hurt by how his life turned out. Sonny tried to express himself to his brother. When he played Jazz piano
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response paper - Name: Yi Chen Response to Sonnys Blues...

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