women don't need to fight in combat

women don't need to fight in combat - I believe that women...

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I believe that women have equal right to be in a combat and defend their country, but I agree that most women don’t have corresponding capacity to fight in active combat. Because they have certain disadvantages, for example they are weaker than women. Women weaken military effectiveness because they are physically weaker than men. The inevitable result is that training standards are lowered. “Gender norming” is now the rule. Women fight with other women rather than with men. It leads to decrease the effectiveness of a troop. If women are allowed to fight in combat positions, obviously, it put them at great risk of danger. It will result in the loss of lives. On the other hand, men will put themselves risk to protect women. As a result, this unit is less effective. Effects on morale can be particularly adverse. It’s a fact that mixed gender units are less cohesive and effectiveness. Due to sexual attraction among member of the unit, it will weaken combat readiness. As a woman, she also faces a big problem-- sexual harassment.
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